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Wine in a blender: summer edition

It is hard not to crave everything that is tasty, cold, and full of alcohol during the summer months. Especially when you are lounging poolside or on the boat with friends, having a frosty lil drank in your hand sets the right mood. I mean, having these slushies in hand during a GOT binge session on the couch sounds just as fantastic too.

All of these delicious drink options are easily prepared in your handy dandy blender! Just combine ingredients and watch it spin around to a beautiful oblivion. (Eve 6 anyone?)

1. Peach Moscato Wine Slushie


1 bottle of Moscato wine

2 cups of frozen unsweetened peaches

1/2 cup powdered sugar

2. Wine Punch


1 bottle of white wine of any kind

1 bottle of Simply Lemonade in any flavor

1 liter of Sprite

1 package of frozen berries

3. Malibu Slush


1/4 cup of Malibu Rum

4 cups of lychee juice (frozen into cubes)

4. Strawberry White Wine Slushie


1 bottle of dry Riesling wine

1 pint of strawberries

1 tablespoon of lemon juice

4 packets of Sweet N' Low

5. Rose All Day Slushie


1 bottle of Rose

4 oz Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Lemonade

Ice cubes

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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