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To Bring Or Not To Bring

Essentials for a bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties shouldn't be stressful. They should be a celebration for the bride-to be where she can laugh and make crazy memories with her closest group of friends. Admittedly, planning parties can be a lot of work, and places undue stress on the Maid of Honor and Bridal Party. To alleviate any premature headaches that might be brewing, Bachweekend has vowed to make your Bachelorette night memorable for the entire group by taking care of the biggest bits and pieces. We plan, you party. For just a taste of all we'll be handling:

  • Swanky hotel and restaurant reservations 
  • Transportation and a chauffeur
  • Libations all night long
  • A private group photographer (did someone say photoshoot?)
  • Sweet deals and discounts at local dives 

So since you won't have to worry about any of the big stuff, we made a list of the little things you might want to bring:

A sash for the bride and shirts for your group.

  • The sash is a great way to celebrate your Bride-to-be. She'll stand out and look super glam. Besides, this party should spoil her rotten, so why not divulge in some extra ribbon or lace? 
  • More and more groups these days are creating their own bachelorette (and bachelor) party shirts to commemorate the unique evening. We can customize yours at our store or you can check out some of the styles past groups have created!

Beauty Basics

  • Unless you have discovered the perfect 24-hr lipstick (please let us know if you have), you might want to put a spare tube in your purse. Chances are, you'll be singing, laughing and drinking throughout the night, so having a quick reapply never hurt anyone.
  • Mini flat/curling irons are easy to pack and don't take up much hotel counter space. These are a great and easy way to avoid any strays before your romp out on the town. You'll probably want to leave these in the room though...
  • They say that second-day hair is the best hair, so if you want to style it but don't have time for a full blow dry, consider using some dry shampoo. There are plenty of fun second-day hairstyles you can peruse.


  • If you can only bring one first-aid item with you it should be Band-aids. Splinters, burns, or blisters, you'll be the one prepared when it happens. These are a must.
  • Heel shields or gel inserts are a really great idea. If you're going to dance on your special night (and you will be) then avoid the pain and buy some heel inserts. These help avoid any slipping or chafing in that adorable pair of heels you decided to wear. If you're looking, Dr. Scholl's makes some great options! 
  • Tylenol or Ibuprofen are good for after your night of wild crazy fun. Hasta Luego hangovers! 
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