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The Ultimate Southern Bach Weekend

Southern Belles, glamour and one unforgettable experience

We get it, you've been planning every part of your wedding since the age of...well...we don't have to get detailed about it. Whether or not your plans are filed on Pinterest or organized alphabetically in a fat binder it's not for us to judge. What we do know better than anyone is how important the bachelorette party before a wedding is. 

After so much success planning parties in Nashville, New Orleans and Miami we decided to put our heads together and concoct something unforgettable - a party generously sprinkled with Southern charm. And, after too many late nights, approximately 43 cups of coffee and 3 recycle bins full of crumpled paper, we've created a pretty damned amazing bachelorette experience. We're calling it, The Ultimate Southern Bach Weekend and we're about to tease you with a taste of what you might expect. We promise that your friends will probably only be about 90% jealous. 

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