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The Hair tie Dilemna

And there you are, stuck in the blazing sun with your newly blown out 'do, trying not to lose your mind as your wet hair sticks to the back of your neck. We have all been there, and it's the absolute worst every. single. time. Usually we end up in this predicament with a sad excuse for a hair tie tight on our wrist that snaps the second we need it. Fortunately, I have migrated away from this darkside and I'm here to convince you to do the same!

A few months ago I came across the eye catching Instagram account of Flhair Accessories owner, Emma (@emmaflhair). With perfectly staged photos of hair ties, combs, and other adorable accessories, I was immediately drawn to the patterns and the wide range of solutions to the before mentioned problem. You see, wearing a hair tie around your wrist at all times is part of being a girl or guy with long hair. So why not make this left (or right) wrist staple something that matches the rest of your outfit! You can take my word for it that these trendy ties will be there to hold your hair back when you need it, or you can see for yourself!

These items and many more can be found on the following social media and internet outlets.

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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