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The Best 8 "Bach weekends" in Nashville

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If you weren't already in the know, Nashville is one of the hottest cities for an unforgettable Bachelor/ette party! With honky tonks lining lower broadway, live music coming out of every door and no cover charges, it’s no wonder Nashville has become the top Bachelor/ette destination this side south of the Mason Dixon line!

Nashville Bachelorette Party
Nashville Bachelor Party

As if that weren't enough of a reason to visit this bustling city, Nashville is also home to an exploding food scene! Chefs are flocking to the city to make their mark in the culinary climate and tourists and locals alike are more than happy to oblige.

After getting your fill of delicious cuisine, hop on one of the many "transportanment" options Nashville has to offer. From Pedal Taverns, Party Barges, and Tractors, to Golf Carts, School Buses and Party Buses! If it is your desire to become a “Woo Girl” at least once in your life, Nashville is the city to do it! WOO ON!!!

Best Nashville Bachelorette Party

Keeping all of these fun activities in mind, we wanted to give you the low down on the best times to visit this great city and when to steer clear of the bright lights of Broadway. With this city's popularity, there are many times that tourists flock in the thousands and streets get shut down, Pedal Taverns are not able to operate, and bars are so crowded you can't even get a drink! No one needs that....

Nashville Bachelorette Party

To ensure you and your crew have the BEST.WEEKEND.EVER, I've consulted my friends over at Bach Weekend and compiled a few dates that are perfect for a weekend in Nashville and a few weekends to make sure and steer clear of. Here are the best 8 weekends for you to come and party like a Southerner!!

February 24-26
April 7-9

May 5-7

July 21-23

August 25-27

September 1-3

September 22-24

October 13-15


New Years Weekend

Music City Marathon Weekend (April 28-30)

CMA Fest (June 6-11)

Bonnaroo (June 6-11)

4th of July Weekend

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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