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Score Your Own Touchdown On Superbowl Sunday

Just because you might not understand the difference between offense and defense does not mean you can't be just as excited about Superbowl Sunday as your "die hard fan" boyfriend.  I mean, who doesn't love an excuse to party! With it being the NFL's 50th Superbowl, what better time to bring the party to your friends and celebrate the game that allows us to watch hott men in tight pants run around for hours!  


In order to start your planning for the weekend, you have to make sure to pay attention to a few crucial party planning details.  I spoke with Taylor Gee over at Bach Weekend, a party planning headquarters in the bachelorette/bachelor party realm, about her top party planning tips and how to make sure not to stress yourself out in the process.  

First things first, The Guest List - "The people are what make the party," says Taylor, " so make sure to be cautious of the space you have for the event. Everyone needs a great spot to see the TV! "  In other words, don't throw the blowout of the year in your studio apartment....

Next on the list, Decor- "Since it is the Superbowl, make sure it is festive! Chances are not everyone will be on the same team, so keep the decor generic," says Taylor Gee of Bach Weekend,  "Stay with team neutral themes such as a cute football garland with fake turf accents or black and white referee stripes. Also don't forget to highlight the leagues 50th anniversary!" She recommends getting these party decorations at your local party store or checking Pinterest for DIY ideas.  And if you are having a one team only hype party, make sure to go all out. I wanna see your crafts!! 

The most important advice from Taylor- "Don't stress yourself out!! Make sure to figure out exactly who is attending and give them items to bring.  Weather it is cutlery or ice for the coolers, it will take the stress out of handling absolutely every aspect of the party."    One of my favorite words is DELEGATE! (not to be confused with deflategate...) 


I am guilty of wanting every party fare to be as easy as popping open a pre-made can of queso. It is so good and soooo easy.  But, people did not travel across town in traffic to sit on the floor and eat cheese out of a can.  Why not get inspired this Superbowl 50 and make something that requires only slightly more work and a much higher reward! (Don't worry, these are extremely easy and low maintenance recipes. Nobody over here is trying to get too crazy...)

1. Pigskins In A Blanket - These yummy little nuggets will be a favorite among your crowd.  Not to mention they are absolutely adorable and will add to the football themed decor. 

2. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sliders - While buffalo chicken dip is always a crowd pleaser, these little sliders take the mess out of scooping dip up to plop it on your plate.  They are also a heartier option for game day grub. 

3. Cookies and Cream Dip- This is one of the most delicious and easy desserts.  No one can argue with vanilla wafers and Oreos, am I right?!


Here are some ideas for my favorite game day looks, everything from jerseys to game day colors to get you in the Superbowl spirit! 

1. The Die Hard Fan 

If you know exactly what team you are rooting for then pull out that worn in jersey and wear it with pride! I'll be in the corner wearing my Patriots jersey silently sobbing...... 

2. The Trendy Fan 

These outfits, curated by yours truly, will give you a fashion forward edge to your game day look.  

3.  The Vintage Fan 

Recently vintage logos have become part of both team wear and fan gear.  Here are some of my favorite items to sport on game day. 


While the coolers should always be stocked with beer, it is nice to have cocktail options at the party.  Here are some festive ones to get you in the mood! 

1. Blood Orange Broncos- This cocktail pairs Pinot Grigio, Campari and fresh blood orange to make for a deliciously sweet drink. 

2. Carolina Blue Julep- A twist on a classic cocktail, this drink will have you and your guests happy that Cam Newton had his team pounding their way to the Superbowl! 

3. Beer Cocktails-- In order to please both the men and the ladies at your party, try a beer cocktail.  These can be made in big batches and served over ice when desired.  


Now let's be real with ourselves..... most of us will be watching the Superbowl to get to the halftime show. I mean, I will watch men run around carrying a ball for as long as I need to in order to see Yonce SLAYYYY, especially if it's alongside Coldplay.  

With these amazing artists gracing the stage at halftime and Lady Gaga opening the show with the National Anthem, I started thinking that a game day playlist is definitely in order.  Here are a list of songs that are Boozy Bridesmaid approved and guaranteed to get the party started!

1. Coldplay feat. Beyonce - "Hymn For The Weekend"

2. The Temptations- "Get Ready" 

3. The Rolling Stones- "Start Me Up"

4. Beyonce- "Drunk In Love"

5. N'Sync- "Bye, Bye, Bye"

6. Lady Gaga- "You and I"

7. Diana Ross- "I Will Survive"

8.  The Who- "Baba O'Riley"

9. Sia- "Alive" 

10. Coldplay- "Adventure of a Lifetime" 

Now pour yourself a glass of wine and get the party planning going! 

Always Truthful, 

Boozy Bridesmaid 

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