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Since we're in the biz of planning amazing bachelorette and bachelor parties, we like to stay on top of the latest trends. Recently, we decided to take a look at Bachelor(ette) party apps but after just a couple of downloads we realized that none of them are worth your time or money. 

Why? Because most of these apps simply regurgitate information you could find with a Google search or on our website (shameless plug) where we love to blog about everything Bachelor(ette). Another reason to avoid these "planning" apps is that you simply won't need them because we do all the planning for you. All you have to do is party. That said, there are some apps we do recommend. They're easy to use, are perfect for parties and are completely free. 


It goes without saying that before you party you're going to want to pick a theme, decorations, location etc. We have our own Pinterest board for this stage of the party planning process, and there are hundreds of others you can peruse to find inspiration. All you have to do is let us know what your dreams are and we'll do our best to make them come true. Excited yet? 


Pro tip: people don't show up to parties unless you invite them. Second pro tip: Evite is easy, free, and doesn't kill trees. Download the app, send a personalized party invitation to all your favorite bachelors or bachelorettes and receive your RSVP's in real time. 


Remember the last time your phone blew up because of a stupid group message? Slack eliminates the frustration of those massive conversations by allowing you to select certain groups to chat with exclusively. For example, you could chat with two or three  of your friends privately and then save the group convo for later. Your friends will thank you. 


A subsidiary of PayPal, Venmo makes charging your friends for that round of drinks you just bought super easy. Set Venmo up with your bank account and request or pay your friends for any charges that occur during your party. 


What's a party without music? Our answer: it isn't. Spotify has a bunch of great playlists but you can also make your own. Shameless plug: BachWeekend has a couple of party playlists. We think they're pretty killer - let us know what you think. What are your go-to party tunes? 


Now you can avoid deleting any embarrassing photos that show up on Facebook the morning after. The Ceremony app sets up a special code for you and your group so that during the evening's festivities any pictures people take can be sent directly to the Ceremony app. An additional benefit? You won't have to keep nagging everyone about sending you the pictures they took. 

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