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One Hope Wine, Our Favorite Kind!

Happy Thursday!  You are so close to red wine and pizza you can almost taste it! Speaking of wine, I think most women would agree that wine-down Wednesday has never been a Wednesday only activity......  We've all read the articles that assure us wine is healthy and quite frankly, nobody is going to tell me when to put down that wine glass after a hard day at the office! 

But with liquor store shelves lined with bottles (yes, in Nashville we still have to buy wine at a liquor store), the process of buying wine can be very daunting.  I'm all for a nice boxed wine now and then but for special occasions, that just isn't going to cut it.  There is also a world of great wine to discover outside of the watered down red we all drank in college.....

Recently there has been one particular company that has made its way near and dear to my heart when it come to my favorite post work activity; One Hope Wine.  Not only is this some of the best adult grape juice I have tasted in my short life, but One Hope has also built an entire company on giving back through their many philanthropic partnerships.  This means that when you buy a bottle of their delicious wine or any of One Hope's many products, you could be providing a meal for someone in need or planting a new tree.  I mean who doesn't want to make their mark on a cause they feel passionate about, all while drinking their favorite cabernet! 

One Hope production starts with their cornerstone product, wine.  Through a collaboration with Robert Mondavi Jr., One Hope is able to bring you wine from some of the best grapes in Napa Valley.  Recently,  One Hope purchased its own plot of land on the St. Helena Highway near other famous wineries such as Opus One (which you drink if you really fancy) to house its very own vineyard to open this fall.  This will serve as the flagship store for the company and will also contain a full winery and tasting room.  Girls trip to Napa anyone?!

Lucky for us, One Hope does not only produce delicious wine for us to enjoy, they also curate beautiful gift crates for numerous occasions, and grow coffee beans!  A company that sells coffee, wine and snack baskets? My dream come true!  

These products range in price and there is truly something for everyone weather it's your lovely little pooch CoCo Chanel or your grandma who wears CoCo Chanel.  My favorite product by far however, is the glitter champagne bottle.  

Now picture this, your boss has been hounding you for months about a deadline you're dreading, your boyfriend decided to choose this week to motivate you to start eating kale and working out, and your mom has called you every single day about redecorating her kitchen..... All of this stress has pushed out everything else in your brain and you forgot about your friends bachelorette party this weekend! What do you do? You visit my friend Danielle Zopf over at One Hope and order your girl a beautiful glitter bottle! Going straight to Danielle's personal One Hope page will allow you to navigate through products and contact Danielle with any questions you may have.  One Hope can deliver your ordered goods right to a hotel, home, or wherever you need that beautiful glitter bottle to show up.  It DOES NOT get much easier than that.  Danielle Zopf at One Hope can be reached through the link provided below. 

Now sit back and relax because not only did you save the day when it comes to your besties bachelorette party, but you also provided clean drinking water for someone or aided a child in getting necessary care for Autism.  

So the next time it's your turn to host Netflix and Chill, bring a bottle to your family dinner or just enjoy a sip at home, don't forget to head over to One Hope and grab one of their delicious bottles and


Always Truthful, 

Boozy Bridesmaid 

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