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To All Of You Beautiful People,

We know life can get a little hectic sometimes…. Usually I’m existing only for my next brunch date or 5 o’clock happy hour.  Whether it's family, work, or your insanely elaborate wedding planning, we all live for that little take away to remind us we aren't completely losing our minds.

Let me introduce you to the Boozy Bridesmaid.  We all know her… She’s the one at every party who always has a little bit too much to drink, but is the first one you would call to ask if your leather mini skirt is appropriate for dinner with your boss.  She’s your most insane friend but the one you truly listen to.  She’s your soul sista.

There when you need her, she always has the latest make up trends, the most likes on Instagram and a voice of reason telling you that a vacation to Miami with your girls is exactly what you need right now.  You find solace in her guidance.

I will still pick up the phone when you call, but now I have a place to put all of the advice, ideas, funny stories and opinions to paper.  So sit down and drink in the words of the Boozy Bridesmaid, it always makes you feel a little bit better! 

Always Truthful, 

Boozy Bridesmaid 

Brought to you exclusively by BachWeekend. You’re welcome ladies.

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