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Navigating The Nightlife

Hello friends!  As usual I have a drink in my hand because it's almost Friday and this mama is stressed. Between spreadsheets and phone calls, I'm sure you can all relate to the Thursday blues when Friday is the light at the end of the tunnel. While we swivel in our chairs thinking about the few days of freedom ahead, here is a little slice of party heaven to get you through the day. 

From New Orleans, Louisiana to Miami, Florida, each city has a unique way of partying to bring you an amazing experience full of memories you'll never forget! (Or never remember...) I'm here to give you an inside scoop into partying like the locals do! 

My friends over at Bach Weekend have also supplied this party gal with an array of packages in each city to give you ideas of the best ways to spend "drinking in" your mullah! 

NEW ORLEANS: Home of the Balcony Booze Fest 

The Big Easy is never short of lavish holiday celebrations or music festivals that bring thousands of people to the city on a single weekend.  But what if you were headed down there on an off weekend for a Bachelorette party or vacation with friends?  Here are a few tips regarding the the do's and don't's of the NOLA party scene. 

1. Open Container Law- This is the most tourist friendly law the state has.  It allows you to travel from bar to restaurant through Bourbon street while carrying a cocktail.  I mean come on, sign me up!! The only caveat is said cocktail must be in a plastic container, no glass whatsoever.  So pour a glass (plastic cup) of champagne and head to Bourbon Street for a night out!

2. Balcony Situation- For anyone who has been to Mardi Gras or to New Orleans for any other huge event, at some point I'm sure you've stood starring up at a balcony wondering why the hell your party planner didn't get it together and book one of those so you could rest your tired feet and see the parade from a bird's-eye view.  While peak season means higher prices on these balconies, they offer a new and amazing experience for you and your guests.  Bach Weekend offers specific packages for booking balconies on Burbourn Street with bar tabs included! Truthfully it's worth the upfront cash for the experience.  I've been to a lot of parties in my day and nothing beats a sky high view with my besties, drinks included! 

3. Pub Crawls- Another great way to get your drink on is a French Quarter pub crawl.  This can bring you to those hole in the wall places you never knew existed.  It's a great way to experience more of what the city has to offer while drinking all the way! Again, Bach Weekend has you hooked up with the most up to date "must see" spots in their Pub Crawl package. 

NASHVILLE: Home of Honky Tonk Heaven 

Nashville, Tennessee is known for live music and our numerous music venues but what about a night out on the town?  Here are a few examples of how a Nashvillians like to get down on a Saturday night. 

1. Honky Tonk Central- First of all, what is a Honky Tonk?  For those of you who do not live in the wonderful city of Nashville, Tennessee (I'm sorry, because it's absolutely the best!) a honky tonk is "a cheap bar, club or dance-hall where county music is often played".  Our beautiful Broadway is stacked with these Honky Tonks all the way up each side of the street.  It's the best environment to let your hair down and cut a rug while enjoying the lights and country music. One thing to note is bottle service is not an option in Nashville.  The city has laws in place to prohibit any type of bottle service but have no fear, next I'll give you all the scoop on traveling to Miami where bottle service is a way of life! 

2. The Pedal Tavern- This is hands down one of my favorite ways to spend a day-drinking Saturday afternoon.  Picture this, you have a group of friends, all peddling together on one huge bike through town while drinking anything your heart desires served up by your very own bartender. Sound like a party, amiright!? This Nashville "to-do" will give your group a new way to drink while getting to see the Nashville sights. 

3. Local Brewery Tours-  Nashville is lucky enough to have multiple breweries such as Yazoo, Jackalope, and Tennessee Brew Works right near the downtown area.  These breweries offer private tours as well as tastings and open beer gardens to enjoy their products.  Jackalope, my personal fav, even has indoor and outdoor games to really get the party started! Bach Weekend can help you plan a tour that fits everyones palate.  


Miami is known for sandy beaches, blue waters, and a club scene to die for.  For those of us who love a night out in a hott new dress with a bottle on deck, this is the city to visit. 

1. Club Entrance- A lot of clubs in Miami have entrance fees.  Each club is different as far as the price of entry and usually weekend nights are a little more expensive.   A word to the wise, get to the club earlier in the evening when there is little to no cover or better promotional entrance prices.  This will allow you to save your pennies for the night of drinking ahead! 

2. Bottle Service- These are the times it pays to roll in deep to the club.  The larger the crew, the less expensive bottle service can be if you're all sipping on it.  Having a table with bottle service at a local Miami club, such as LIV, gives an elevated experience to you and your pals that isn't offered in every city. To help with the research of best clubs and best bottle service options head over to Bach Weekend! 

3. Pool Side Cocktails- This combines two of my favorite things; a pool and alcohol. Booking. Flight. Now!  A lot of these lovely pool lounges are nestled on rooftops overlooking the beautiful Miami beaches.  A few of my faves are HIGHBAR pool, SoHo Beach House and Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel.  Searching the pool event calendars can give you an idea of any price increases on certain days or poolside chair rental fees.  Once again, Bach Weekend has got you covered when it comes to a pool side oasis. 

So the next time you go to plan a group getaway in New Orleans, Nashville, or Miami, keep in mind these party tricks.  They will keep your friends drinking and your wallet happy! 

Always Truthful, 

Boozy Bridesmaid 

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