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Minneapolis, A Trip To Remember!

Growing up on the southern tip of Florida, anything farther north of Alabama was no man's land to me... With this mindset, you can imagine the thoughts that popped into my head before a trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota last month. "Ummm, I'm sorry, people live up there?" Among other thoughts....

Driving from the airport into the city, I was already starting to understand why I might be wrong with my initial thoughts. Like most major destinations, Minneapolis had both LYFT and Uber for traveling. (Why did I think they would be living in the stone age!?) In addition to these modern forms of transportation, Minneapolis has a cheaper option, their bus and rail systems. Less than $10 would have gotten us from the airport to the center of downtown, what is usually a $20 ride share trip.

Next thumbs up for Minneapolis? HOTEL PRICES ARE AMAZING. Coming from an expensive city, I was blown away by the amenities you receive for such low rates. These are hotels right in the middle of the action downtown and make it so simple to walk to different locations. That's the next great thing about Minneapolis, the walking.

You can absolutely walk everywhere! The city, and its attractions, are only about a 10-15 minute walk from each other. This makes everything walkable and accessible during your stay in town, the city is so walkable it's shocking! Again, should you want a mode of transportation, the bus is always on a close corner. There were several cool districts all with their own unique vibes that were worth exploring. This bring me to my next point, the city activities & dining. First of all, never in any other city have I seen so many interesting brewery options.. Stop after stop, I was blown away by the delicious beer options as well as the unique atmosphere each location created. I could have spent days walking through all of the breweries but alas, work trips don't set up entire days just for drinking.... what a shame! These locations were scattered among other attractions such as Pedal Pub's, the sculpture park, great shopping, Target Field, and many more! I also thoroughly enjoyed every restaurant we wandered into. They were so intricate with their menus and the food offered, giving us a wide range of options. Minneapolis has good food, such a perk!

I am giving you all of this information about Minneapolis to say that this city is worth a long weekend vacation or trip with your pals. It is so full of activities and easy to navigate which is exactly what one needs when in a new place! Minneapolis stole my heart and I promise it will steal yours too!

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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