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Meet the Bach Team!

Rosa Castano, Director of Sales

We'd like you to introduce the latest and greatest addition to the BachWeekend team, our new sales director, Rosa Castano! To give you a sneak peek, we threw her a couple of impromptu Bach-pertinent questions to share with you. 

Where are you from? Technically a Cali Baby but after short stints there and Long Island, NY - Nashville,TN is where I would say I hail from and call Home.

How many places have you travelled and which was your favorite? I have been blessed to be able to travel most of Western Europe. My favorite city would be Vienna, Austria, but my favorite vacation spot would be Paros, Greece.

Do you have any unique skills? I can crochet a mean scarf and beanie.

Favorite bachelorette party location? Some place in the mountains - Ski, Drink, Hot Tub, Repeat.

If you can give BachWeekend customers one tip of advice for their big weekend, what would it be?Don't get caught up in the details (that's what we are here for). Allow yourself to make moments with your friends because those moments are what will be remembered. 

Finish this phrase...I am the most likely the first to order cheese dip and the second margarita at a Mexican Restaurant.

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