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As far as I am concerned, shopping is the root of all things good. Wether it is perusing the isles on my lunch break or searing for the perfect date night outfit, nothing is better then a bag full of new clothes! More times than I can count, I've told myself it was the best stress reliever and skipped barre class to hit the mall. (basic white girl, I know!!) The best kind of shopping though is shopping with a purpose. I'm not saying you need to be going to a deb ball or poolside BBQ every weekend to have an excuse to hit the mall,  but having a reason to shop gives you a different kind of excitement.

There are many occasions in which it is completely necessary to let your creative side shine and fully commit to the event. Ugly christmas sweater parties anyone? Another time this is necessary is your girls bachelorette party. Matching t-shirts, monogrammed koozies, sashes donning the brides new moniker, I know you've seen it all. I mean what better time than a booze filled weekend to put on some matching "Bride Tribe" tees and go partying with your crew!

Where do you find these and other themed party favors such as koozies and tiaras you ask? Look no further than the lovely Bach Weekend website to help you out. They will not only plan your unforgettable weekend before the party starts, but now they will help you look fabulous while raging on in the city of your choice. They have some of the most fun, colorful, and absolutely adorable bridal gear for a weekend of partying!

One of my favorites on the store's website is the "Aloha Bride" t-shirt. Nestled inside of a pineapple, this saying puts me right on a beach with a cocktail in my hand. Not to mention, the matching "Aloha Beaches" tees for the crew are just as fun! For any other beach vacations, pick up a brightly colored "Sun And Sand And A Beer In My Hand" top to remind you of the fun times to be had by all. Pack your sunscreen, pina coladas, adorable tanks and let's head to the sand!

Of course, having Florida roots, my heart not only loves the beach but is also fond of the magic and allure of Disney World. If you ask me, a trip around the world at Epcot with my gals would be exactly my idea of a last fling before the ring! With this trip planned, it would be only fitting to purchase matching t-shirts with adorable Minnie Mouse ears on the front. Your crew can wear their own swag with sayings such as "Mouse Of Honor" in girly cursive. I mean come on, no group trip to Disney World is truly complete without matching group t-shirts. Am I right?

To make your bride feel extra special, there are also a few things you can purchase through the Bach Weekend store and have personalized. There are a variety of sashes in different colors and sayings to make sure your bride is the center of attention for her celebration weekend. These sashes can also be personalized with "Future Mrs. (insert last name)" so she can wear it for weekends to come if she's feeling feisty. These along with faux diamond tiaras, sold in the store, are sure to make the bride-to-be feel girly and beautiful!

So just incase you needed another reason to buy new clothes, head on over to and get yourself ready for your crew's next bachelorette bash or weekend get away! These tees and tanks really do get you in the summer spirit, ready for sand, beers, long weekends, and celebrating a bride-to-be.

Always Truthful, 

Boozy Bridesmaid 

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