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I'll be the first to admit that in this office, we like to drink! Weeks are never short of Hump Day libations or a Friday afternoon pick me up. We are also lucky enough to have some amazing liquor partners who aid in our "stress relief"..... One of my favorites you ask? BEACH WHISKEY!

Now, Beach Whiskey ain't your daddy's whiskey.... Through the production process, Beach skips the barrel aging which is where most other whiskeys get their dark color. This creates a clear and flavorful liquor that drinks similar to a vodka or tequila; nice and smooth down the hatch!! Releasing flavors BONFIRE CINNAMON and ISLAND COCONUT, Beach Whiskey is a perfect base for a Hump Day cocktail, Saturday poolside BBQ or a round of shots, shots, shots!! 

Here are a few of our office favorites for pairing Beach Whiskey with classic mixers.


One part CINNAMON BEACH WHISKEY one part GINGER BEER. This is insanely easy to make and has a delicious spicy finish.

Coconut & Sprite

One part COCONUT BEACH WHISKEY, one part SPRITE. This concoction is insanely refreshing and dangerously easy to drink. Bring it to your next outdoor gathering or backyard BBQ!

Coconut & La Croix

One part COCONUT BEACH WHISKEY one part LA CROIX. I used Mango flavored La Croix here but you can mix any of them with the smooth taste of Coconut Beach and turn your afternoon pick me up into a summery beach side cocktail!

Cinnamon & Diet Coke

One part CINNAMON BEACH WHISKEY one part DIET COKE. This is hands down my favorite Beach Whiskey pairing. Could it be my addiction to Diet Coke.....? Anyway, it's so satisfying and has all the right ingredients for an easy go-to cocktail.

Keep this post in your pocket because sometimes you need to say "stand back coffee, this is a job for alcohol!!"

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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