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I Have Nothing To Wear: The Story of a Night Out

Do you remember when your go-to night on the town outfit was a tight and insanely short bando skirt? You spent most of the night pulling it down so it would cover your a$% and making sure you never stood on any balconies..... Not sure about you, but I was very happy to throw every last one of those damn skirts away! Even talking about them brings up memories I'd rather not revisit.  I'm looking at you, freshman year of college! 

Behind us are the days of stumbling around, like a deer learning to walk, in our six inch heels. It is now time to upgrade to a more sophisticated "night out" look that we can feel sexy, confident, and most importantly comfortable in.

Lucky for you, I was blessed with an eye for fashion and an addiction to shopping so I am here to help! These outfits were styled by yours truly and are perfect for everything from date night with your man to a night out with your gals. 

1. The Trendsetter 

Nothing screams "I know how to dress" than a girl who can pair timeless and trendy pieces.  Think Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner when you think of this sort of style.  It is the art of looking effortless and stylish without too many things going on.  

This outfit pairs two new trends, boyfriend jeans and 90s style crop tops,  with a leather jacket and simple heels.  Pair these with a fun clutch and gold jewelry and you're ready for a night out!  

2. The VIP

You can never deny the power of an all-white outfit.  It not only shows off your amazing tan, but also creates a canvas for fun accessories.  After all, fashion is about expressing yourself so why not wear those hot pink heels you got from the bargain bin! 

This particular outfit features an off white palate with pops of color and pattern in both the shoes and the clutch. It was also paired with a long camel haired coat for bringing off white into your winter wardrobe.  

3. The Wild Child 

Sometimes I want to feel like I'm in a rock n' roll band and drink bourbon on the rocks, dancing the night away with some boy who looks like he's straight out of "The Breakfast Club".  This outfit is perfect for these and any other rockstar evenings. 

This flowy long sleeved dress is one of the most comfortable things you can choose for a night out.  Pair it with a crazy clutch and some accessories, like a wide brimmed hat and fun wedges, and you are ready to party like it's 1988! 

4. The Bachelorette 

Boy do I LIVE for a bachelorette party.  My moto is, "Always a bridesmaid, and that's how I like it!"  There is so much glitter, so many drinks, so many selfies and a lifetime of memories.  This outfit is perfect for nights you'll never remember with people you'll never forget.

The white romper is both fun and practical when you're out dancing (and drinking) the night away with your gal pals.  Comfortable heels and classy accessories also help you shine like the bride-to-be that you are! 

5. Miss Independent 

After a long day of working, sometimes the only thing that makes me feel better is a drink at the neighborhood bar down the street.  Because my night usually doesn't end there, an outfit that is both comfortable and easy to transcend any environment is crucial.  

This lightweight jacket is easily paired with a comfy cotton t-shirt and worn in jeans, a perfect match for sassy heels and a lot of simple gold jewelry. 

So the next time you are stuck starring at your closet, begging for it to give you something you can work with, remember that fashion is all about feeling beautiful and confident. Throwing on worn in jeans and your favorite white t-shirt can be just as stylish as layering on accessories with your LBD and wearing sky high heels, it all about the beautiful girl wearing the clothes.  

Now get out there and hit the town! 

Always truthful, 

Boozy Bridesmaid

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