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How Not to Suck as a Best Man

So your best bro asked you to be his best man. You have one very important job, nevermind guarding the rings, you need to plan the most epic bachelor party ever. A weekend filled with drunken mischief, general debauchery, and memories that will spawn ‘inside’ jokes for years to come. The bad news, you have no idea where to start or how to pull it all together.

Guys don’t plan. That’s why for years guys have been showing up in a great town, hitting the bars and….that’s it. The night is a drunken blur and there’s nothing special about it. Don't worry we’re not suggesting you get a pink day planner and a pinterest board.

Bach Party Planning services, like Bach Weekend, exist for the sole purpose of assisting you host the awesomest weekend ever. Here’s a few things to look for when choosing a Bach Party planner.

  • Individualized payments are a must! Everyone has that one ‘bro’ from college who still owes you $20 for beer (times 300). Our individualized payment system means everyone can make his payment directly to us.
  • Customizable weekends. No two groups are alike. Everyone has their own hobbies and interests, find someone who can offer that.
  • Great experiences with knowledgeable staff. The goal here is to party like a tourist, but eat and play like a local. Secret cocktail joint behind a bookshelf? Yea, we’ve been there.
  • Have you ever gone on a bachelor party, just to arrive with no plans? Talk about a sh*tshow. Well, that’s not a good idea, get some help so you don’t miss anything.
  • Find one unique activity that doesn’t involved getting wild. Lunch time round of golf, fishing excursion, top notch seats at a NHL game, maybe even paintball. Do something that you guys can find adventure in and make some memories.
  • There are many different cities you can choose. My tip here is let your groups budget determine the direction here. Cities like Vegas and Miami are killer, but will likely cost you. Nashville and New Orleans are amazing party cities and very affordable. Always wanted to hit Canada? Montreal and Vancouver can’t be beaten. And for the adventure seeker? Head out to Denver and skip up to Breckenridge for a long weekend.
  • At the end of the day, focus on the bachelor. It is his weekend to celebrate. So let him choose a city he loves, figure out what he wants to do, and get to it!

Chances are, when your kid graduates college, and you sit around telling stories, this will be one of the weekends “uncle tony” got a little wild. So don’t sweat the small stuff. The price of a planner can be well worth it, because lets be honest: guys suck at planning.

- Robbie Goldsmith (Founder of

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