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Festive Cocktails

The Best from Nashville, New Orleans and Miami

Our crew at Bachweekend loves the holidays. Sparkling lights, holiday music, and festive libations - one of the best ways we know to get through dark cold winters. Since we pride ourselves on hosting the best Bach parties available, we wanted to pick some holiday-esque cocktails for you to try this season. Check out the sips we selected from our three most vibrant cities.


Pinewood Social  is easily one of our favorite hang outs. As a redecorated warehouse, you can prepare for rustic exposed brick mingled with fresh urban furniture and lighting. Turns out they're going to be open Christmas Day! Consider going for the cocktail dubbed "Humble Magnificent". Straight from the menu: Pimm’s #1, some Lairds Apple Brandy, lemon, saigon cinnamon syrup, orange and last but not least, some mint to it off.

Another delicious spot is SILO, located in the historic area of Germantown. Escape from the cold inside SILO's warm wooden interior which might just make you feel like you're in...a silo. During happy hour, cocktails are only $6 so you won't need much convincing to try their fall creation, "SILO Sour-Autumn Remix", made with Old Charter 8yr, fresh lemon & orange, cinnamon syrup, and Angostura bitters.

New Orleans 

Allegedly, the first mixed drink to ever be created was made in 1893 by an apothecary named Antoine Peychaud. With that information in hand, don't go to new Orleans without trying this classic "Sazerac" - Rye, sugar, Legendre Herbsaint, Peychaud and lemon. If you're considering places to try this infamous drink, check out Kingfish on Chartres St. or the Roosevelt's Bar

You ask "But what if I'm craving something sparkly? A little fizz?" Don't sweat, go try CURE's "Major to Minor". Made with nectarine, clove, and nutmeg, combined with a touch of ginger, and some bubbles of course, because what's jollier than champagne? 



Want another bar to cross off your bucket list? Check out The Broken Shaker in Miami, named 14 out of the top 50 bars in America. We recommend the "Wagons East" - DonQ Anejo, Absinthe, Sarsparilla Cider Reduction, and rosemary swizzled with fresh lemon. 


Toro Toro is another Miami hotspot for cocktails. Despite its strange name, the "Barral Aged Cocktail "Donkey Kong" is worth a sip. Think Monkey Spiced Rum, banana-vanilla syrup and
Aztec chocolate bitters. Admittedly, it's the chocolate that got us.

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