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explore crawl your way through nashville

Here on the blog I like to make sure to give you all the most authentic view of whatever I am writing about. So when I heard about a Nashville tour service called Explore Crawls and their interesting twist on learning the area, I knew I wanted someone who had recently done a tour to be my source. Little did I know that her email response would turn into the post itself! Introducing my beautiful pal Madeline Guidry and her experience with Explore Crawls Nashville.

"Your best pals, two selfie sticks, two routes, one goal; To Be The Instagram Scavenger Hunt Champion!! As far as group activities go, this ranks pretty high up on my list. Getting to see sites you normally wouldn't know to visit, accompanied by a competative drive to beat your friends, trumps any museum tour you've ever spent your time on!! When a last minute girls trip to Nashville brought our rowdy crew together, we knew we needed to get creative on how we spent our time. This crew knows how to drink, but we wanted to leave the weekend with at least a few pictures we could show our families......

A few months back, one of our girls had used a Bachelorette party planning service, called Bach Weekend, and had remembered them mentioning their friends over at Explore Crawls who offer guided tours in different parts of Nashville. As the party planner, I immediately headed over to their website to see what options we might have.

Let me break it down for you....My days are hectic and it is a lot easier to give someone a call in between meetings than skim a website for information. Listed right on the website, I found a phone number and gave them a ring. I was blown away by the customer service I received. The guy (CEO Robbie) I spoke with was concerned about my crew's likes and dislikes and what we would enjoy most, more than he was about pushing any sort of activity on us that would work best for THEM. Explore Crawls, you're killing it already! Based on that conversation, our crew decided on the Instagram Scavenger Hunt.

The day of the tour, the 5 star customer service continued. Our tour guide, "Hey Rachel!", was on time, professional, and a hell of a lot of fun! She got us in the right mood on that hot summer day while giving us the information we needed. The tour incorporated local downtown Nashville landmarks and a few tasks along the way. We were able compete against each other to see who could take these photos and complete these tasks the quickest while we documented our progress via Instagram. It is genius, really....

The icing on the cake came at the end of the tour when my team (obviously) won and enjoyed drink deals with the pals, swag and a bevy of photos and laughs. Our tour guide even took the time to hang out and answer any questions we had about where to go next, truly above and beyond service.

Explore Crawls offers two other tours in addition to the Instagram Scavenger Hunt. The Pub Crawl leads groups through local downtown bars to enjoy their signatures drinks while learning local and bar specific facts. Great for upping your trivia game! The Brewery Tour takes groups into a Nashville area known as The Gulch to explore (see what I did there) three local badass breweries, one of which is owned by women I must add! I may or may not be planning another trip that way soon to try these out for myself.

All in all we could not have had a better experience with Explore Crawls.These guys really know their stuff and have a hell of a time doing it! If you ever find yourself with a free weekend in Nashville, do yourself a favor and hit them up!

Love ya girl,

Madeline Guidry"

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