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Essential Items for Every Bachelor Party

Here's the scenario: you're the groom's best man and tonight you and the guys are going out to celebrate his last night of singlehood. Your plans include a pub crawl, one drink too many and a couple of lighthearted roasts. Before everyone departs, take a look below to see our "man-kit" list. In other words, party items every bachelor should bring with him. #essentials. 

1. ID - This one may sound completely obvious and you may think we're crazy. But it's happened. You don't want to show up at the bar only to get turned away, and no one is going to want to drive 20 miles back home to get it, so save yourself the trouble and make sure your ID is with you before you leave. 

2. Whisky - Really any alcoholic beverage will work. We just like the idea of bringing some Jack Daniels along, especially since the distillery is here in Nashville. Something to consider - Jack Daniels offers tours of their distillery every day. If you end up going, you don't have to give us credit for the idea, but we don't mind if you do.

3. Flask - Personalized flasks are a great way to commemorate the special evening. Pick a unique style for the groom, or buy them for each of the groomsmen. Then just get everyone to agree on the liquor to pack and you're golden.

4. Cigars - Easiest method: get that one friend to bring his Cubans. Call it an early wedding gift. 

5. Lighter - See above.

6. Vittles - Drunchies are a very real problem - booze just seems to make people hungry. To make it through the night, we recommend some beef jerky or nuts. You're already doing damage to your liver - you may as well make the snacks somewhat healthy.

7. Toothpicks - You can either spend hours photoshopping bachelor party pictures to get the meat out of your teeth, or you could spend almost no cash at all on some toothpicks. Your choice. 

8. Breath mints or gum - Because beef jerky and nuts aren't exactly Altoids. The guys will appreciate it, and so will any new friends you make. 

9. Sharpie - Wanna make the night semi-permanently memorable? Bring a Sharpie along and write on some things: shirts, skin, walls (just kidding - avoid the walls). But fair warning - often the drunkest one at the party is the one to find a surprise drawing on his face the next morning.

...did we mention you should also bring face wash?

10. Carabiner - It always comes in handy. Trust us. 

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