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Consider The Wildflowers

As a bride, there are a lot of sentimental touches throughout the wedding process. One of these moments is choosing a precious, heartfelt gift for the crew of bad ass bitches standing by your side. These girls have seen you at your worst and will stand there on your wedding day, to see you at your best. So where do you even being showing your love for these fierce babes you chose as your wolfpack?! Well, I have a great idea for you: beautiful, intentional, simple jewelry pieces that your girls can wear again and again.

Now the task is, where do you get these adorable dainty pieces? With a sea of choices, there is one jeweler that stands out among the rest. Nestled in a bright and airy warehouse in Nashville, Tennessee, Consider The Wildflowers is a refreshing ode to timeless, simple jewelry.

Emily Howard's love for molding metal started truly by chance. The jewelry designer and owner of Consider The Wildflowers said that when she was younger, she spent a lot of her time manipulating pieces of jewelry she already owned, changing their look entirely. She remembers enjoying this process. "It was more than just changing a long necklace to something shorter and new, it was an artistic outlet for me," recalls Howard, 25. This passion led her to the world of costume jewelry.

Consider The Wildflowers Owner, Emily Howard

"I started buying vintage pieces at the flea market to make statement jewelry. This was truly the beginning of Consider The Wildflowers," says Howard. It didn't take long however for her to realize that Consider The Wildflowers was meant for something different. Straying away from vintage statement pieces, CTW transitioned into a line that created everyday pieces with a simpler state of mind, reminding its wearer to take in the beauty of their surroundings. A few YouTube videos and classes from fellow jeweler, Christina Kober, and Emily Howard was metal smithing her way to beautiful simple jewelry. Taking cues from the fluid lines in nature, the new concept of Consider The Wildflowers was largely inspired by a trip to Colorado. It was this trip in which Emily said she truly noticed the beauty that nature created through its lines and movement.

As a bride to be, a very hard task is trying to put every one of your bridesmaids into the same box when it comes to this sentimental gift. What makes Consider The Wildflowers jewelry so perfect is it versatility and customizable nature. One of my favorite pieces is the dainty gold chain with gold circular charm. These charms currently come in every letter. "We want to help people personalize their pieces to make them special, we are definitely hands on here," says Howard. This allows you to change the size of the charm, and add words, letters, etc.

Another great gift idea are the jewelry line's stackable rings. These come in all different shapes, sizes and metals and are extremely wearable on a daily basis. Your ladies will appreciate this one for sure!

For something a little higher end, Consider The Wildflowers has an array of gold pieces that are a great addition to a bridesmaid dress on the big day. Pictured below are some of the gold bangles, purchased by a bride for her gals on the big day. 

The jewelry line also includes an array of engagement rings and wedding bands in their new "Bridal" line. These pieces are some of the most beautiful engagement rings I've ever seen. In keeping with the simplistic style that is CTW, these rings are so versatile and easily stackable with other jewelry. Truly a little work of art!

Visit the online store to see all of the beautiful pieces Consider The Wildflowers has to offer!

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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