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Bud Light; It's Not Just For Drinking

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Who would have thought that the delicious and crisp gold liquid we drink on a weekly basis (might just be speaking for myself here) could also be used for making other areas of our life delicious! As per usual, I've done the digging and found some insanely awesome ways to use that can of Bud Light you've been letting sit in the back of your fridge!

1. Food

The following recipes are ways to kick up the flavor on your next chicken dish or homemade BBQ sauce. Clink on the photos to take you directly to the recipes. Shoutout to [nibblemethis], [bettycrocker], & [picturetherecipe] for the delicious recipes. Happy cooking!

2. DIY Hacks

These next few ideas bring beer into everyday DIY projects, giving a bubbly spin on boring chores or everyday jewelry! Click on the photos below to access the information. Thank you to [wisebread], [brooklynalienart], & [shefinds] for the inspo!

3. Beauty Hacks

These few ideas might be unconventional, but people swear by a good vinegar/beer hair mask or bubbly beer pedi! I know, a little gross, but also practical as hell. Click on the image for details. Thanks [spoonuniversity], [stlpost], & [instagram] for the ideas!

I don't know about you, but this made my love affair with beer that much stronger. Beer hair mask anyone?!

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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