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Best Nashville Spots You've Never Heard Of

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1. Miel

Located in the historic Johnson's Meat Market building off of Charlotte Avenue, Miel is a refreshing and delicious take on French style cuisine. This restaurant is one of my favorites and never disappoints when it comes to fresh and complex flavors. Whether a date night or a "treat yo self" happy hour, Miel's tranquil atmosphere provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

2. Mas Tacos

It is truly hard to find tacos in Nashville that compare to the ones you will find at Mas Tacos. This smaller-than-your-living-room space often has a line out the door and for good reason. With staples such as street corn and horchata, the tacos change from day to day offering a wide variety from shrimp to fried avocado. Authentic street food style fare is what you will find at this East Nashville staple.

3. Dino's

You don't get more East Nashville than Dino's. What I mean by this is until this place was revamped in 2015, it was full of smoke and locals who had been coming for years. (and I mean yeeeeears...) Under new management, the establishment has kept all of its original charm without the smoke, praise! What most people don't know is it's one of the best spots for a late night meal. Whether it's the best grilled cheese sandwich you've ever had or a Porter Road Butcher burger, your tastebuds will thank you.

4. Clawson's Deli

Clawson's considers themselves the "purveyors of first-rate sandwiches" and I have absolutely no room to argue. Nestled in the cozy neighborhood of Wedgewood Houston, this sandwich pub is always serving up the freshest ingredients alongside some of the best beers in town. Next time you're in the mood for an artisan sandwich made with the best that homemade can offer, head over to Clawson's and park yourself there for a good time.

5. Little Mosko's

This gem might be Nashville's best kept secret. Located in the lobby of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, Little Mosko's serves up everything from the best avocado toast you'll have in your life to a pimento cheese sandwich that you'll want to write home about. Owner and head Chef Alex and his sidekick, Lauren Moskovitz, serve up some of the best made to order dishes at a reasonable price for the bright minds of Nashville. Their love and dedication to each other and their food is reflected in everything from homemade grits to gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Believe me when I tell you it's an absolute must for anyone who has not had the pleasure of enjoying some Little Mosko's fare.

Bar Spots

1. Bar Sovereign

Most people (tourists) would be shocked to find that there is a culture of some of the most sophisticated ,hip and trendy bars in Nashville, Tennessee. One bar in particular, Bar Sovereign, looks more like a rundown office building from the front then a trendy new hot spot. Don't be fooled by the walls that they got (J.Lo anyone?), Bar Sovereign is serving up some of the best cocktails in a eclectic environment that will elevate any post work drink meeting.

2. Buffalo Billiards

For the most die hard sports fans, Buffalo Billiards is one of the best places in town to catch a game. With an entire wall of flat screen TVs, this location is never packed and easy to show up mid game and get a seat with your pals, sipping on PBR. It is located on Broadway which gives you an endless amount of options when it's time to move on to the next spot. Often overlooked, it truly is a spot to be visited when thinking about your Saturday game-day plans.

3. Skulls Rainbow Room

Skulls Rainbow Room has seen the evolution of Nashville better than any other bar in town. Opened in 1948 by David "Skull" Shuleman, this bar has been everything from a jazz bar to a strip-tease. Nowadays, Skulls is home to a burlesque show that brings crowds off the streets of Broadway to a different time in our towns history. Delicious food and fantastic cocktails make it an unforgettable stop on Printers Alley.

4. Old Glory

This gem is new to the Nashville scene, having only opened earlier this year. Luckily for its patrons, owners Alexis and Britt Solar have kept its industrial charm of the old 1920s boiler room it used to be. Located in the rear alley of the Edgehill building, Old Glory is not marked by a sign but rather a very large gold triangle on the front door. It gives Nashville a much needed New York vibe while creating a comfortable and trendy space to enjoy cocktails and creative apps.

5. Greenhouse Bar

This outdoorsy location is exactly what one needs after a long day at the office. A far cry from the neon lights of Broadway, the Greenhouse Bar in housed inside an old greenhouse with plants and greenery at every turn. A delicious menu and fantastic cocktails, this is a spot that will accommodate everything from a cozy Tinder date to a birthday celebration with the gal pals.

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