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Bachelorette Party Planner

Are you NAUGHTY or NICE?!

If you're anything like me, this is a daily struggle.... I mean COME ON, sometimes I just want to be naughty and drink that second (or third) glass of wine instead of going to the gym. And we all know a second helping of ice cream never hurt anybody....... right?

As the holiday season approaches, these are the decisions we face as we aim to end up on Santa's Nice List; and when it comes to planning a bachelorette party, we should always aim to please!

This is one of those situations in life where ending up on the Naughty List can be much more detrimental then skipping the gym or having another glass of wine. When planning a friend's special weekend, you want to always make sure you're putting her first and doing all you can to abide by the rules of the Nice List ! This makes the bachelorette party so much more pleasant, I promise. I mean think about it, you have to see these people again at the wedding!

To help navigate what is NAUGHTY and what is NICE when planning a bachelorette party, I have put together the list below. Happy planning!

The Nice List

1. Making the dinner reservations on time so the group is never waiting to eat. No one wants a hungry Bach!

2. Personalizing the weekend. This can be everything from her favorite drink in the hotel, to decor that is themed with her favorite colors.

3. Keeping things a secret. Even if you have a Type A bride, keeping a few things to yourself and the bridal party will make for a special weekend!

4. Putting the bride first. This means ALWAYS making sure she is taken care of and someone is watching over her.

5. Never being drunker than the bride. Remember, this is her weekend!! You always want to make sure the bride is having the most fun.

6. Setting picture protocol. Every group needs one..... This means discussing at the beginning of the weekend weather or not the bride wants photos posted on social media outlets and if she does, always making sure she has first dibs on the best shots.

7. Setting a budget. This one is HUGE. As the planner, it is very important to be open and honest with the rest of the group when it comes to the money being spent and the money needed for the weekend. The last thing you need is someone getting angry because of the group activity you planned that no one was aware of.

8. Keeping the weekend's schedule moving. No one wants to be stuck staring at each other in the living room, asking what they are doing next. Make sure the weekend is stacked with fun, but leaves room for relaxing!

9. Keeping the crew respectful. When renting a hotel or Airbnb, participating in activities, going to restaurants with a large group, it's always important to remember you aren't the only ones in the building. Making sure to keep the crew tame when appropriate and wild when it's called for is an important part of your job!

10. Remembering, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE BRIDE! This is the time to put to rest any disagreements between party goers and make sure the weekend is centered around the bride.

The Naughty List

1. Planning YOUR ideal weekend. Do I have to remind you, this is about the bride?

2. Not considering people's finances. Just because you can afford a full day of spa treatments doesn't mean everyone else can. Make sure to be inclusive if you are dealing with a big group of people.

3. Lacking on decor or personal touches. This makes the bride feel like the weekend was an afterthought more than a special weekend with her girls. C'mon ladies, step it up!

4. Not planning for transportation. This one is a huge bummer.... Do your research and make sure there are ride share options such as LYFT and Uber in the party city or make sure they girls have numbers to cabs, etc. No one wants to be stuck somewhere (especially a destination city) with no way to get around!

5. Inviting your friends. I mean this one should be obvious, but just don't do it!! Even if your bestie works at the bar your attending, make the convo quick and go back to catering to the bride-to-be.

6. Taking home a man. You might be single and ready to mingle but on a bachelorette weekend this is a NO GO!!!! Seriously, who wants to wake up in a house with a strange man from the night before? I can assure you, the bride does not!

7. Waiting until the last minute to plan activities. Most of the time, popular activities get booked in advance so make sure you are getting the planning done in a timely manner.

8. Stressing out. Keep that shit to yourself. Believe me, I know how stressful planning a weekend like this can be but don't let the bride see that.

9. Reminding everyone you planned this weekend. We get it, you're the Maid of Honor......

10. Forgetting your ID. I've seen it happen and it is not pretty. Make sure to remind the group and especially the bride! Make her show you that shit before you board the plane or head out for the bars or the weekend will be over before it even begins.

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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