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Bachelorette Party Must-Haves!

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Have you ever stumbled on an Instagram photo that immediately caught your eye? The adorable matching t-shirts, pink pastel sashes and heart eye sunglasses are just too hard to ignore on this adorable Bachelorette Party!! (Who are they? Doesn't matter, saving immediately....)

I feel like in order to fully embrace the festivities of a pals bachelorette party, all of these elements must be a part of the weekend. Luckily, there is an outlet that includes everything you need and more! The photos on Stag & Hen's Instagram page are exactly those described above, giving brides and their crews a plethora of adorable decor and party favor add ons. As an outlet for all things "Bachelorette Party" from games to tiaras & disco cups, Stag & Hen is the best place to start when stocking up on the essentials for your Bach Weekend.

As to not keep this adorable gem of a company to myself, I have compiled some of the best Stag & Hen photos, full of colorful and adorable bachelorette goodies. For ordering, head over to the website below page to receive a 20% off discount by using the code BACHWEEKEND. Happy shopping!

Pictured here : Flamingo Straws ($8.00), Party Straws ($4.00), Let's Flamingle Wine Glass Set ($20.00), Napkin Sets ($6.00), Flamingo Sunnies ($7.00).

Pictured here : Bride to be Headband ($6.00).

Pictured here : Pineapple Mason Jar Sipper ($16.00), Pineapple Drink Floatie Set ($9.00), Let's Flamingle Banner (Currently Sold Out), Let's Flamingle Snack Plates ($6.00), Flamingo Napkins ($6.00), Flamingo Sunnies ($7.00).

Pictured here : Diamond Treat Toppers (Currently Sold Out), Heart Treat Toppers ($20.00 & Still Available).

Pictured here : Inflatable Hunk Ring Toss ($15.00).

Pictured here : Bachette T-shirt Set ($23.00 each), Drunk In Love Koozies ($4.00 each).

Pictured here : Donut Drink Floatie Sets ($7.00), Palm Tree Drink Floatie Set ($9.00), Flamingo Drink Floatie Set ($9.00), Pineapple Drink Floatie Set ($9.00).

Pictured here : Rose All Day Napkins ($6.00), Let's Flamingle Snack Plates ($6.00), Blush Gold Dots Snack Plates ($6.00), Gold Foil Stripes Napkins ($6.00), Flamingo Napkins ($6.00).

Pictured here : Drink Up Bitches Frost Flex Cups ($10.00 for 8), Acrylic Confetti Wine Tumbler-Blush Ombre ($10.00), Disco Drink Tumbler ($20.00), Drunk In Love Frost Flex Cups ($12.00 for 8).

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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