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A New Type Of Bachelorette Party Planner

We all have that one friend; THAT girl who loves to meticulously arrange every detail of a group outing or girls weekend. She might not even have been the president of her sorority or gotten straight A's her whole life, but this girl has got it together where planning details are concerned.

However annoying it might be when this friend tries to dictate Wednesday night dinner reservations, her expertise often comes in handy for that crazy bachelorette party weekend. There are SO MANY details that go in to planning a trip that encompasses days of activities, food, drinking and every sash, t-shirt and beer glass that has to be pre ordered. Itineraries for days!!! Money changing hands!!! Where do you even begin!?!

So what happens if your girl gets overwhelmed, she turns into an evil version of the Lily Pulitzer wearing gal pal you once knew, or she is just downright sick of ordering penis straws on her lunch break!? Let me introduce to you Bach Weekend. These guys do it all. With crazy weekends planned throughout the year in Nashville, New Orleans and Miami, there is no excuse for anyone to have to stress about the details. All inclusive truly means such when working with Bach Weekend to create an unforgettable Bachelorette Party experience. My group of gal pals didn't even have to compare hotel prices or clog up our Venmo apps sending each other money with the tiny bride emoji. Each decision we had to make was communicated to us through our party planner (wassup Nicole!! ) and was stress free knowing we had plenty of time to make decisions and that they were handling all of the hard stuff. You better believe I'm using Bach Weekend for every single bachelorette party I am apart of from here on out. Spoiler, I am THAT girl.........

Visit the Bach Weekend website for all the details about their Ultimate Weekend events and party on!

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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