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a barbie themed bachelorette bash!!

Your girl gang lounging next to you on a sandy beach, cocktail(s) in hand, and PINK. SO. MUCH. PINK. This was the scene set for bride-to-be Katie Frank by her girls a few weekends ago as part of her Barbie themed bachelorette party. KF, as her friends call her, is a life size Barbie herself, which made the entire weekend look like a Mattel dream, set to the tune of "I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world"!

With so many different ways to celebrate the last fling before the ring, the girls knew that they wanted to have something unique to remember this weekend. The adorable idea of a Barbie themed bachelorette party came from none other than the bride herself! While talking about potential party themes, party member Kelsey Jozwik said all-things-Barbie was a "no brainer". "What could be more appropriate, more fabulous, more girly for the lovely bachelorette," said Jozwik. "I mean look at her, she's a living Barbie doll herself!" They all agreed that the splashes of pink and signature Barbie touches were a perfect way to incorporate a girly theme to KF's bachelorette party. I got a chance to talk to Kelsey about all the details surrounding the weekend and don't worry ladies, I'll make sure to share them all so you too can pull off an unforgettable experience for all your bride-to-be Barbie girls!

First on the list was finding the perfect destination. Everyone knew they wanted to be on the beach without the hectic spring break scene. This, they decided, would be the luscious sandy beaches of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in a condo perfectly named "The Island Princess". This gave them access to tanning and cocktails in the sand, while being a short ride from the party scene of Destin, Florida. The perfect mix for a weekend with your gal pals!

In order to pull off this adorable weekend, the bridal party knew they could spare no detail. Now that destination had been set, the girls set their sights on coordinating every detail of the decor to the theme, even down to the social media platforms. To start, the girls designed a black and white stripped invitation with a pink graphic, complete with the Barbie logo. This set the tone for the weekend and got everyone excited about handing Barbie a cocktail and getting their party on!

With everyone on board and ready to start the weekend, the girls focused on the decor for the condo, good bags, and picture props. They purchased pink and gold streamers to be hung in entrance ways and on different walls throughout the condo. (And what pink streamer is complete without "CHEERS BITCHES"!)  They then made sure every attendee had an adorable gift bag filled with the weekend essentials; sunglasses, Barbie pins, t-shirts with the Barbie silhouette, and much much more.

Next on the agenda was creating the perfect picture. With the help of papa Jozwik, the girls created a life-size Mattel Barbie box that fit the girls inside to take pictures. These girls are so creative!! I'm only slightly jealous...... They also created their own Snapchat filters for the weekend to document the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is a great idea if you have any type of party, event, or other engagement that you know people will be utilizing the app Snapchat to take photos. These tags are geo locators and depending on the plan you purchase, will operate in a certain radius. Welcome to the 21st century! 

So now that you have major bachelorette party envy, it's time to plan your group's next weekend getaway! Whether it's Barbie themed or something else you dream up, KF and her crew are proof that with a little bit of creativity and attention to detail, you can take any event from ordinary to extraordinary!!!

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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