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A Bachelorette Bucket List

Your bachelorette party should be a whirlwind of unforgettable experiences. A night filled with scandal and dashed with activities both naughty and nice. Whether your personal fantasies involve getting a lap dance, making a drunken toast to your ladies or riding in a limo, it is our job at Bach Weekend to make them a reality. We're no strangers to list making, so to help spark some ideas here is our take on a bachelorette bucket list:

1. Take a selfie with a bouncer 

2. Dance to your favorite song on a table

3. Get serenaded by a stranger

4. Successfully photo-bomb someone

5. Compel a guy to take his shirt off and write your name on his chest 

6. Order a Sex on the Beach cocktail 

7. Receive a lap dance from someone 

8. Try out a new bar 

9. Write on a wall somewhere 

10. Make an impulse purchase 

11. Find something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue 

12. Blow up a condom balloon and give it to someone 

13. Make a drunken toast 

14. Sing karaoke too loudly 

15. Get a free drink from the bartender  

16. Convince three guys to give you their phone numbers  

17. Ride in a limo 

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