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6 Impressive and Easy to Learn Party Tricks

Bachlor(ette) parties are a perfect time for parlour tricks. Keeping it short and simple, we've summed up six easy ones you can pull out of the hat this season.

1. Place a bet on who can get a dollar bill out between two beer bottles. To win the next beer watch this 90's themed tutorial that we're digging. 

2. An oldie but a goodie. Spruce up your hand-puppet game and check out this old-fashioned illustration explaining how.

3. For something more modern, what about crafting a plastic penis? Do not try this one inside. The only tools you'll be needing are: One CD, a lighter and a good blow....bad word choice? 

4. Is there a theme here? You aren't wrong, this is a penis napkin. Ladies (or gents) perhaps you were looking for a quick trick to amuse your guests? The full tutorial is here

5. While you wait on your next drink get some singles out. No, not for that silly. 

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