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5 ways to achieve party guru status

I don't know about you, but my friend group has a very recognizable "Party Guru". Whether self proclaimed or otherwise, this individual always has the best activities planned, brings products you've never heard of, and leaves everyone saying "We need Karen at every one of our parties"! This is a position that is not taken lightly and requires a knowledge of all of the up and coming party essentials.

This list is designed to give you a few tools to start declaring yourself the Party Guru and bring the fun everywhere you go!

1. One Hope Champagne Bottles

These glittery babes are absolutely GORGEOUS! They make the best table decorations and are full of insanely delicious bubbly to get the party started. Every Party Guru knows how important it is to start the party off right, and what better way then a customized champagne bottle. These are sold through the One Hope website and can be shipped to any address. So have one waiting for you in your hotel room to really wow your weekend warriors!

2. Drizly

Alcohol. Delivered. Does it get any better than that?! After traveling to your party destination, what better service than Drizly which offers alcohol delivery to your door for the same price as the liqour store. The delivery fee is the same price of your late night burrito, so more than worth it to have wine in your hand while you put on your sassy party dress!

3. FlHair Accessories

If you are a female, or you know one, you know that we have a permanent hair tie attached to our wrists or holding back our luscious locks. Especially on a night out, you don't want to be that girl that leaves your elastic band back at the hotel, things could get dicey out there in the streets! What FlHair Accessories does with their hair ties and cute sayings make wearing a hairband on your wrist so much more adorable. They make great gifts and are more than affordable to purchase for the whole crew!


The morning after a night out of partying is usually not pretty...... It is more than difficult to get your self up and going again for the day ahead. Insert, BIOLYTE. This miracle drink is essentially an adult Pedialyte with components that combat dehydration and get you back to feeling your best. The citrus flavor hydration is packed with contents very similar to an IV bag, which is exactly what the body needs after a night on the town!

5. Group Activities

This element is crucial. In order to really bring home the gold in the Party Guru category, it's ideal to get your crew on board with a few group activities. These could include fun things like a Pedal Tavern (literally a bar on wheels), canoeing and drinking on the river, local music festivals, brewery tours, an Instagram scavenger hunt, the list goes on and on! Thinking of these ahead and getting them booked for the group is something only a true Party Guru would think of.

Now get out there and party on, you Party Guru!

Always Truthful,

Boozy Bridesmaid

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