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12 places to experience nashville like a local

Those who have never visited the city of Nashville often assume we all talk with a twang, they would find a cowboy singing on every street corner, and restaurants only serve country cookin with pulled pork and collard greens. While this may have been true years ago, Nashville has become a very different city.

Nashville is now a metropolitan hub for artists, musicians, healthcare analysts, sports stars, and everyone in between. Its southern roots keep the people sweet as apple pie and its streets rich with history. But living here, you know there is so much more to this city than the honky tonk bars on Broadway or a good southern meal. There truly is an underground world of locals that exist outside of the tourist norm and I am here to show you how to party just like they do, like a true Nashvillian.

Restaurants: Any local knows this is the hardest category to fill. With delicious chef driven farm to table concepts popping up on every corner, which one do you even choose?! Here are my suggestions of "must eats" to experience a true foodie culture.

1. The Pharmacy- For a day/night time burger in a beer garten.

2. Arnolds- For the best meat and three you will ever eat!! Ever.

3. Kayne Prime- For a fine dining experience you will definitely never forget.

Shopping: These adorable shopping areas are nestled between the hustle and bustle of busy streets, providing hidden gems you couldn't find at a local department store. Don't forget to save room in your suitcase to bring home new goodies!

1. 12S Neighborhood- Where Reese Witherpoon's store Draper James calls home.

2. Shoppes at Porter Road- A small market filled with local Nashville knick knacks.

3. Hillsboro Village- This trendy district is home to enough boutiques to outfit your entire crew for the weekend!

Karaoke/Live Music: You do not live in Nashville without having experienced karaoke on one night, or every night..... It is a Nashville tradition to end up at any of these local spots to see traveling artists after their sets at the Ryman or on local artists doing their thing.

1. Santas Pub- Run by a man who looks just like jolly ole Saint Nick, this double wide trailer only serves up karaoke for its patrons which have included Ed Sheeran, Gavin DeGraw, Tori Kelly and many many more.

2. Winners- Offering the best live music on Monday nights, this place also doubles as a karaoke joint on the weekends.

3. Losers- Always offering the best live music around.

Places to Be Seen: Now this is a list you need to write down and keep in your back pocket. If you want great drinks, fun atmosphere, and rubbing elbows with local Nashville socialites, then look no further!

1. Red Door- Where the music industry folk go to get their late night cocktails.

2. Acme- This four story location has every atmosphere from live music on the first floor all the way to a DJ up on the rooftop.

3. Saint Anejo- A trendy Mexican restaurant nestled in the Gulch, this spot has fantastic drinks and a great outdoor patio. 

There you have it! Take it from me, Nashville is more than country music and cowboys and we party just as hard as the big city folk ;)

Always Truthful, 

Boozy Bridesmaid 

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