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11 Bachelorette Party Gifts For Any Budget

What better way to begin or end a night of fast-paced fun and adventure than with some bachelorette party-favors? On a mission to pamper, pimp and delight your party, we've put together 11 ridiculously easy and fun gift ideas - perfect for any budget!  

1. Mani pedis!

Taking your group to get manicures or pedicures is a great way to pamper everyone before the bachelorette party, catch up with one another, share secrets and talk about current events (i.e. the bride who's getting married!). If you aren't interested in splurging on the price of a salon, just ask each of your bridesmaids to bring their favorite nail polish and do it yourselves! 

2. Bling bling

Everyone's going to be dressed up for the party anyways, so make the packing list shorter by buying everyone bangles or earrings. Charming Charlie has some inexpensive options (we think these geometric studs are SO cute). Or if you're looking for something more unique try flash tattoos.

3. R-rated gizmos 

These gifts are from the saucy bride who isn't afraid to get raucous and have fun. Consider buying everyone a pair of fur-lined handcuffs (dare someone to wear theirs all night), or get edgy and buy the strangest penis-related paraphernalia you can find. If you've thought about it, it exists.

4. Disposable cameras 

Your bachelorette party will be full of memories so why not document them? Smartphones are easy (and affordable) but we still hold a nostalgic fondness in our heart for disposable cameras. This way what happens at the party stays on the camera. Until the photos are developed that is...

5. Personalized drink glasses

Wine glasses, shot glasses or a monogrammed flask are great ways to give your bachelorettes a gift they can use often and remember you by. Glasses like these can be purchased from a myriad of bachelorette gift websites but if you're on a budget here's a link to the DIY version shown above. 

6. Sexy underwear

Lingerie parties can be a cheeky way to celebrate any bachelorette party. Consider buying a pair for each of your girls. You can get everyone the same color or buy differently depending on the personality of your bachelorettes. Victoria Secret is selling this lacy masterpiece in several scrumptious colors. 

7. Chocolate 

As long as no one in your party is lactose-intolerant, chocolate is always a classy gift-giving choice. Benefits of chocolate are listed as follows: it's inexpensive, it's delicious, it's consumable and it's delicious (did we say that last one twice?) 

8. Bath bombs 

Here's another pamper-friendly idea: LUSH sells incredible bath bombs with fun fruity names. We like Nylon's favorite which is named the Sex Bomb. Lush claims it's chock full of "scintillating jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang" (what's ylang ylang?) and for only $6.95 a pop they aren't unreasonable. 

9. Libations  

Cheers! Who doesn't love getting a bottle of something at a party? The correct answer is: no one. We're currently in love with One Hope. For each bottle you buy, a percentage of the proceeds go towards a cause: Children with special needs, environmental protection, education etc. The bottles are also pretty glam, check them out! 

10. Hangover kit 

Do your crew a favor and put together some hangover kits for the infamous morning after - a thoughtful way to demonstrate you care. Only ingredients necessary? One bottle of water, ibuprofen and maybe something to eat. Complete the package with a labelled tag and consider making one extra since you'll be looking for relief too.

11. Make your own perfume

Become a celebrity and create a perfume exclusively for your group. We don't necessarily mean making it by hand (here's more on that in case you're an overachiever), we do recommend checking out, where you can select and create your perfect personalized perfume.  

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