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10 Bridesmaids To Expect At Every Bachelorette Party

For better or for worse

So you've asked Bach Weekend to plan your bachelorette party and as the bride-to-be, you're looking forward to a crazy night out on the town. There are plans for a pub crawl, penis-shaped gifts to make your bridesmaids blush and some scrumptious cocktails. All in all, it's shaping up to be the perfect night of laughter, dance and song. As the group gathers, you'll begin to realize you have an incredibly unique mix of personalities on your hands. We're sure we haven't gotten them all, but here are 10 bridesmaids you might expect to bring along for your bachelorette party.

1. The Bridesmaid-zilla

We've all heard infamous stories about bridesmaid-zillas. She doesn't like the bride's outfit, has decided she can singlehandedly reschedule the evening's festivities and is probably stealing some - or most of - the bride-to-be's spotlight. Remember brides, no matter what happens, it is your night. She'll come around - we hope. 

2. The drunk one

Several drinks later and one of your bridesmaids is a little sloppier than usual. Make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble during the evening and be prepared to help her with the nasty hangover she'll have in the morning. Check out one of our previous blog posts for help on getting over that nasty hangover

3. The Single Blues 

During the night's bash for the bride-to-be, there's always one girl who gets sad she hasn't met the one yet, or is wishing it was her bachelorette party. Either way, gently remind her that love finds everyone but tonight is the bride's night.

4. The Gone Girl 

Every now and then, one of the bridesmaids will wander off and go missing. Though it's highly possible she simply ran to the bathroom to check her lipstick, this is a prime reason why you should make sure that everyone in the group has everyone else's contact information. Safety first! 

5. The Class Clown 

Since planning a wedding can often be extremely stressful for any bride, the bachelorette party is a perfect way to blow off some steam before her big day. This bridesmaid's antics are sure to keep the bride laughing all night and in a good mood, no matter what's going down with the group. 

6. The Quiet One  

Not everyone wants a crazy rager for their bachelorette party, so it's possible that one of the bridesmaids will be quiet and less engaged than some of the others. The key here is to make sure that everyone in the party understands what the night's plans are, that way, they can choose to opt out if it's going to be too much to handle. 

7. The Rager 

This girl partied hard in college and she's the polar opposite of quiet. She'll always vote for the louder club, will dance all night and is the first to call for a second round of drinks. A ball of energy, this bridesmaid can be overwhelming for some. Just make sure you have a plan, otherwise this party could end up in a different state.

8. The Sister-In-Law

Choosing to invite the bride's sister-in-law can be a great way to bond before joining families. That said, the bride may worry that her sister-in-law will feel left out. Just as you would with any introductions, make sure there are plenty of opportunities for her to chat with and get to know the rest of the bridal party so the night can be relaxing and fun for everyone!   

9. The Stranger 

This is the long-time high school friend no one knows. Just like the sister-in-law, the key here is to make sure the group plays some fun icebreakers at the beginning of the night so that this bridesmaid can feel more included and less like an outsider.  

10. The Self-made Photographer 

"Let's Take a Selfie!" Here is the selfie queen of the party. She'll have a drink and her phone on hand at all times. After the night of crazy, you'll be grateful that you brought this bridesmaid along because she'll have some worthwhile documentation of the evening that you can (hopefully) laugh about later! 

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