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10 Awesome Bachelorette Party Themes

1. Cowgirls and Kisses

Howdy ladies! On the last night before the bride gets hitched, grab your cowgirl hats, boots and plenty of sass before hitting the town. Reminder: get a veil for the bride's hat. After digesting some barbeque and a couple of beers, saddle up and see who can ride ride a bull the longest - last one riding wins and someone has to buy her a drink.

2. The "Bougie" Bachelorette 

For a spot of sophistication take your bridesmaids to a vineyard for a tour, some demonstrations and copious wine tastings. Arlington Vineyards in Nashville, TN is a beautiful spot. We recommend finding some time around mid-afternoon for a picnic. Make sure to bring your favorite assortment of tasty cheeses, french baguettes or any other food your heart desires. The only thing left to do? Eat, drink and enjoy your scenic surroundings.

3. 50 Shades of Grey 

Dress everyone in monochromatic greys or check out these swanky shirts from Society 6. We recommend the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack - In other words, Beyonce's "Crazy in Love". Spend at least part of your evening reading dramatically from the book. Try to pick the juiciest passages so you can make the bride blush. After the party's over, send your bridesmaids home with some naughty party favors - handcuffs anyone? 

4. Lingerie Party

Some sweet treats in the shape of corsets are a must for this bachelorette party. After food and champagne (or any alcohol of your choice) play some lingerie-themed games. One we like: Ask each of your bridesmaids to bring a pair of lingerie that represents their personality. Get the bride to draw at random and guess who brought each piece of lingerie. 

5. The Bachelorette (Real Life Edition) 

We love this idea from Popsugar. Start the evening off with a couple of Bachelor or Bachelorette episodes, some wine and roses. Watch until your favorite girl/guy gets sent home or proposed to, and then head off to the bars for your own night of Bachelorette fun. While you're at it, have each girl bring a rose and dare her to hand it out to a random stranger while saying: "Will you accept this rose?"

6. Peace, Body, Mind

Planning weddings can be extremely demanding and not every bachelorette party has to be raucous and wild. On a day of much needed relaxation, invite your bridesmaids along for some princess-worthy pampering. Perhaps take a private yoga or meditation class, get manis and pedis, or have everyone treat themselves to a massage and facial. To conclude, gather your party for some light finger food and fruity Pimms Cups. 

7. Nautical & Naughty 

This Bachelorette party was designed with the seafaring girl in mind. Hop on board a private yacht and spend a day on water with your closest friends. Or, if you're on a budget, find a luxurious hotel pool and pretend you're in the Caribbean. Either way, soak up some sunshine and work on your tans whilst sipping nautical-themed alcoholic beverages. We're thinking pineapple juice with rum, a blue curacao or sex on the beach. 

8. Great Gatsby

"A little party never killed nobody!" The Great Gatsby theme is a fun one for dressing up. Go buy some flapper-style dresses, apply that bright red lipstick and grab decorated headbands - too much bling is not a thing. If you have a room to decorate you might want to go out and buy copious amounts of silver tinsel. Pour some bubbly and get wild with your girls. Oh, and call the limo, because a party with this much class needs a proper chauffeur. 

9. Mascarade Ball

Our friends in New Orleans do this one really well. First, pick a theme: black and white, Bejeweled, Mardi Gras, Hollywood glam etc. Then have your group go out and buy masks. Alternatively, spend some time bonding together before the party by decorating your masks together. Before heading out, set up a photobooth and take pictures with boas and your masks. The night is about to get wild!

10. Bucket-list Bachelorette

Is the bride a list-maker? For a fun twist have the Bachelorette and her bridesmaids come up with a list of their ideal Bachelorette activities and spend the evening checking them off. Take pictures after each completed activity or grab souvenirs at each stop. It will be an adventure, memories will be made, and drinks will be had. 

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